Revuu drives performance!

REVUU is a revolutionary performance management system that focuses on helping organisations drive team productivity and performance.

Revuu is a performance management tool designed to help organisations focus on improving team productivity and individual performance. It’s designed to allow companies to take a different approach towards performance reviews by focusing on the real drivers of productivity and performance. By setting clear measurable goals Revuu helps both the employee and the management plot a roadmap towards success, replacing the annual appraisal with periodical reviews to ensure that everyone is on track and on target.

Revuu is forward-looking

By focusing on goals, employers and employees will have a clear understanding of what they expect from each other as they work towards common goals.

Revuu is objective

Goals are measurable; and there is no argument about individual performance other than the actual outcome. The result is not an opinion but a number.

Revuu works!

Periodical reviews help ensure that everyone is on target, and and serve as checkpoints and opportunities to ensure mutual success.